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Our base rate for forensic consulting is $450 per hour*. This rate is the same for discovery and analysis, as well as for testimony.

We charge for all time related to a case, including travel.

We do not typically charge for normal office expenses, such as long-distance phone calls, copying, express delivery, etc., although we reserve the right to charge for extraordinary expenses in these categories. For example, if we have to ship a computer or test equipment via FedEx, we will likely charge for that. There is no markup on expenses - what we pay is what you pay.

photo of moneyWe typically request a retainer sufficient to cover one day (8 hours) of labor before we begin work on a case. That amounts to $2,500. All work on the case is billed against the retainer. After the retainer is used, we will bill you monthly for labor and expenses. The retainer is not refundable.


*for the most current rate sheet go to the Downloads page