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Sisyphus Associates is an independent consultancy established by Dr. Mike Maddox in 1987. It is located in the town of Abingdon, Virginia, which is near Bristol, VA, in the southwest corner of the state. His office is located within an hour of the Tri-Cities Airport (TRI) and is within easy driving distance of many points in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

For approximately 16 years, Dr. Maddox worked through Sisyphus Associates to perform a variety of human factors consulting activities, including analysis, design, evaluation, training, and expert witness work.

mike's photo click to go to bioSince about 2003, the primary focus of Sisyphus Associates has been to provide forensic consulting expertise. Over the past 20 years, or so, Dr. Maddox has participated in over 500 legal cases. He has testified in depositions and at trial in both federal and state courts. He has prevailed in all Daubert challenges to his qualifications.

As a result of his longevity and active participation in the human factors profession, Mike has an extensive network of professional contacts with expertise in many areas that are relevant to product- and user-behavior-centric legal cases.